Nutmeg Cafe: The best cafe & bakery in Tuckahoe

a cozy bakery in downtown Tuckahoe

 Heavanly sweet & savory scones (Photo Credit: Nutmeg Cafe)

Heavanly sweet & savory scones (Photo Credit: Nutmeg Cafe)

On weekend mornings, I love nothing more than a delicious pastry paired with a latte or green tea. Even better if I can get these items somewhere close to home and enjoy them in a warm and inviting space. Nutmeg checks all of these boxes. The shop is located in downtown Tuckahoe and offers a wide variety of pastries including breakfast items like muffins, scones and quiches and more decadent items like cupcakes, cookies and pies. 

They always seem to have great music playing and offer ample seating to enjoy your coffee & baked treats. While I usually come here for breakfast, they also have pre-made lunch options and adorably packaged sweets - like iced lemon bread and pumpkin bread - that would make great gifts for any food-loving friend.

Where to find it:

64 Main Street
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
(914) 779-1328